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Manchester City's performance

Le 18 December 2017, 08:05 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester City's performance in five strong dialogue is not perfect, such as with the Red Army, the two teams in a stalemate before Manet stained, Sarah He was better to eat Otamendi even better; with the Gunners One War Jacob Larsson Jersey, there is alleged offside controversial goals help; Manchester City Derby, the blue moon two goals are luck balloon. However, Manchester City won the game through various means, get points, enough to prove that they far exceed the strength of peers Mark Fistric Jersey, temporarily leading the championship score 14 points, it is this embodiment of the strength of rolling. 2018 is the year of the World Cup, Tottenham team has Ali, Kane, Rose and other large number of England international, if always in the home state of emotion when the emotional turbulence, to the road beat the enemy when lack of confidence, restrained Antoine Vermette Jersey, that three The Lions Clubs undoubtedly will encounter more troubles in 2018 if they want to make a success in Russia, which is not friendly to England, or even impact the World Cup. Rooney Simon Despres Jersey, who was forbidden to drive for two years, said: "Sometimes people make mistakes. I raised my hands and admitted that I made a mistake. I knew very clearly that I had made a stupid mistake and I must now look forward. That memory is not good, I have children, and it is not good for them to see me making mistakes. I now try to look forward and learn from it.

Averaging 3 goals

Le 18 December 2017, 08:05 dans Humeurs 0

Averaging 3 goals, lost a single ball up to 1 ball, Manchester City in the first leg against 5 giants contest win. In the history of the Premiership, no team can win over Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham before the New Year. Blue Moon has set a precedent. Going back to the Old English Ages, the last team to achieve this was the 1953-1954 season: the Wolves and West Bromwich Albion Andrew Cogliano Jersey, who both won the season's runner-up, but at the time Liverpool relegation, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are in the middle, and now can not be the same. After the current round, Tottenham only 31 points 18 rounds, ranking seventh in the Premier League, Liverpool, if the current round of victory, Spurs fourth place away from the points difference of 3 points. Nearly five away games, Tottenham 1 loss 4 losses, lost 4 games, in addition to lost to LaCity, lost to Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City, 3 net net negative 6 ball, which is indeed quite " Eye-catching ", after all, this is the value of fighting for the top four six-point battle. In addition, Tottenham most need to worry about is their Champions League next battle: As Tottenham got to Juventus, knockout first round is to go to Turin City Allianz Arena Serie 6 consecutive hegemony Nick Ritchie Jersey. Juventus home called terrible, Serie B this season, Serie A home 9 war scored 22 points, scoring 21 goals, made 17 goal difference, these three data are in Serie A lead. If Tottenham can only continue the era of Ezra Boca matchtime hostile so unbearable performance Scott Niedermayer Jersey, then this North London Brigade want to go further in the Champions League Francois Beauchemin Jersey, the difficulty of great.

Taking into account the two wings

Le 18 December 2017, 08:05 dans Humeurs 0

Taking into account the two wings of the midfield Sun Xinglian and Eriksson are not standard winger, two if the station too far in the post defense will affect the formation of Spurs back in the counterattack bounce, Pochettino did not take a substantial winger Recycling defensive strategy to protect the two gates, Rose and Tripley had repeatedly singled out Sterling and Sane within the absence of protection. The former can only use fouls to intercept opponents, the latter man-mark of Sane almost do whatever they want Jamie McGinn Jersey. Even if the home team adjusted the offense in the ensuing match, Treppen guarding the right is still the main direction Manchester City carries out. Since Terry and Ivanovic have left the team, Chelsea are less used to "backing up" despite having a knife-and-box guard such as Cahill and David Lewis, unless Alonso "hangs" . This season, against Tottenham, Alonso scored twice to lead the team 2-1 win Josh Manson Jersey, and today he used a direct free kick to help the team get 3 points in last season into the 6 League After the ball, the Spaniard has also harvested four league goals this season Paul Kariya Jersey. Alonso has been directly involved in the Premier League 14 goals since joining Chelsea in the summer of 2016 Ryan Garbutt Jersey, including 10 goals and 4 assists, during which time he is also the Premier League to score the most goalscorer, Behind him is to participate in the Aspire Li Quota 11 balls, from this point, Alonso called the Premier League with iron knife, he is the true successor Terry.

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